Jack Rhysider of Darknet Diaries – About That Chartbreakers Episode

Apple podcasts charts, that elusive algorithm and podcast promoters, the state of podcasting, what podcasters can do to go “next level”, and more…

Jack Rhysider, host  of Darknet Diaries podcast, talks with MouthMedia Network’s Rob Sanchez and Charles Beckwith about these topics, his “Chartbreakers” episode and overall his podcast, and beyond. Plus, the latest headlines about podcasting and on-demand audio from Podnews.

Darknet Diaries is a podcast covering true stories from the dark side of the Internet. Stories about hackers, defenders, threats, malware, botnets, breaches, and privacy.

The show is produced by Jack Rhysider, a veteran to the security world. He gained his professional knowledge of security by working in a Security Operations Center, a place to where threats are detected and stopped.


Search, Adoption, and Moving the Needle in Podcasting – with Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson, Podcast Consultant with The School of Podcasting, and an inductee into the Podcasting Hall of Fame, submitted a question to the website for “The Word From Mouth”. So we invited him on the show to discuss it.

MouthMedia Network CEO Rob Sanchez has a far-reaching conversation with Dave, who has been podcasting since 2005, about the state and future of discovery mechanisms in podcasting, the challenges of growing adoption into podcasting, the need for viral podcast content, and what it will take to make podcasts a household habit across the country. And James Cridland shares the latest headlines in podcasting from Podnews.

Dave Jackson has been a corporate trainer for more than 20+ years. He currently runs the School of Podcasting (www.schoolofpdocasting.com), has written the books “Get your band out of the basement and keep them out of the asylum”​ and “More Podcast Money (morepodcastmoney.com). He works to flatten the learning curve of podcasting and recommend the right equipment cost efficiently. He also does one on one podcast consulting at www.schoolofpodcasting.com. Dave is a featured/keynote speaker at events, and served as the Director of Podcasting for the New Media Expo. He is also a member of the tech support staff at Libsyn.com.

Special thanks to Dave Jackson for joining the show on short notice and for his technical contribution.

Acquisitions, consolidation, and subscriptions in the podcast marketplace


Monetization models in podcasting, why a $40M investment was made in a subscription service, why public radio stations banded together to buy an open platform, an interview with Hilda Labrada Gore of the Wise Traditions podcast on how she crossed the 1 Million download milestone, and headlines from top news on podcasting and on-demand from Podnews…

  • Consolidation in the podcast marketplace
  • How Pocket Casts and Luminary Media are heading in opposite directions
  • Luminary Media’s walled garden subscription approach
  • Can a paywall protected podcast player succeed?
  • How paywalls might be working in kids and comedy podcasts, going for rich and deep experience play
  • Why advertising may not be the future of monetization for podcasts
  • Advertisers counted on evergreen presence, but with programmatic advertising that ends up being taken away
  • Mixcloud receives $11.5M, and what that means
  • Accuracy in subscription-based platforms, splitting revenue stream up proportionally, how these are complex issues
  • Major players skewing revenue results for smaller artists improperly diluted
  • A lot of new money in the space, people seeing money on the wall, people throwing money at things that seem familiar
  • Gimlet becoming more of a media company
  • “Alex Inc.” TV show cancelled, how it is a commentary on actors vs. concept, seeing meta conversations about podcasting so not necessary play with wider audience, why the space may not be mature enough to have self reverential content
  • Can anyone make a subscription model work for a $40M investment?
  • How the cost of acquisition will climb


In this episode:

Drawing the line with audio data, discovery, targeting, and advertising

Why podcasts need to think through discovery (how much is too much), where prediction and control begin and end, and what is the “creep factor” in audio data — plus an interview with Sarah Rhea Werner of “Girl In Space” and “Write Now with Sarah Werner” podcasts, and headlines from podcasting and on-demand from Podnews…

  • As a medium not good at discovery, targeting or advertising — starting growth pains and spurts with solving these issues
  • The relevancy of GDPR, Facebook privacy, Cambridge Analytica, and a new national consciousness
  • Podcasts have been asking for more audio data and analytics, so what comes with that
  • We don’t have a lot of tools for targeting and engaging users, and networks are starting to create them
  • What’s a good experience and what’s a bad experience in podcast players?
  • Targeting and re-targeting, and how much data can be deployed and gathered on one individual listener, and the need to understand when it crosses the “creep line” despite value for marketers
  • What type of model are we building for listeners — aggregated buckets and themes, or targeted for the individual listener?
  • Why gathering data in hopes to sell it can be a bad play in some circumstances
  • Hyper-targeting and psychographics profiles, and acclimated to feeling OK with selling or trading our privacy data in the United States, and therefore a lot of our behavior can be predicted on an aggregate level
  • Not much we can do to unplug our privacy at this point, even when disconnecting
  • At what point do we put the control of privacy and data back in the hands of the user and listener?
  • Responsible and acceptable targeting, and control over our own experience vs. that created by an algorithm


In this episode: