The podcast panel you want to hear…


Ken Lagana (Panoply), Charlie Kammerer (Slate Magazine), Mallory Kasdan (MILK Podcast), Keesa Schreane (You’ve Been Served), and Manoush Zomorodi (Stable Genius Productions) discuss podcasting and it’s potential and trajectory…

Recently, MouthMedia Network collaborated with IgnitionOne to create podcast content at the IgnitionOne Summit in New York. During the summit, Pavan Bahl led a panel of the boom of audio and the rise of podcasting, featuring some significant players in the industry. Ironically, this panel was recorded the day before Panoply announced its move away from content creation. Also, the latest headlines in podcasting and on-demand with Podcasting and James Cridland.

IgnitionOne is a company of innovators, dedicated to helping marketing win by simplifying the increasingly complex tech landscape. IgnitionOne simplifies life for marketers, allowing you to more effectively engage with your customers and make the most out of every marketing dollar. Their score-powered audiences and optimization drive deep insights, so you can reach customers across the most relevant channels with personalized, 1:1 messaging. They believe that cutting-edge tech benefits from the great minds managing it. Their team of 400+ marketing experts is based out of 17 global offices in 10 countries, and they are constantly communicating to make sure IgnitionOne is delivering the tools and services marketers need to make an impact.

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