Girls Gotta Podcast

How the desire to share life’s realities as women in dating, sex, and more turned into a real growing business as podcasters with Girls Gotta Eat

Girls Gotta EatAshley Hesseltine (standup comedian, writer, and founder of @brosbeingbasic + @fashiondads_) and Rayna Greenberg (writer, photographer, founder of @onehungryjew) are hosts of the popular podcast “Girls Gotta Eat”, which after just 32 episodes already the hosts report has achieved millions of downloads, multiple sold-out live audience shows, and is on a trajectory to be one of the podcasts to emulate. They sit down with MouthMedia Network’s Head of Content/Programming Marc Raco to share why they started the podcast, how it has developed to such hit, why they’ve integrated live shows so early in the journey, why they never expected the show to take on a life of its own, thinking about the podcast as a real startup business, an impending live show tour, and much more.

Plus the latest headlines in podcasting and on-demand with James Cridland and Podnews.

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