Venture Investing in Podcasting – Insights and Opportunities

Joanne Lin

Newark Venture Partners and how venture firms are looking at the podcast industry…

Joanne LinJOANNE LIN, Senior Investment Associate at Newark Venture Partners (which has been becoming a notable presence in investing and supporting the podcast industry) talks with MouthMedia Network CEO Rob Sanchez about how the company is thinking about the podcast space, tech platforms, the ubiquity of voice, and the objective of reaching the next frontier of the 83% of the US who haven’t yet adopted podcasts.

Plus, the latest headlines in podcasting and on-demand from Podnews.

Newark Venture Partners (NVP) invests in innovative entrepreneurs that are leveraging their industry expertise to change the way companies do business. They focus on investment themes that align with the strategic priorities of their Corporate investors, and look for passionate founders that are uniquely qualified to build their businesses.

NVP invests across the early stage lifecycle from pre-seed to Series A, and will invest up to $1 Million in an initial check. Post investment they support their Founders thru an in-house Growth Team that helps develop an effective sales approach, and by facilitating introductions to decision makers at their corporate investors.

As well, NVP claims 7 corporate investors and 500+ on-demand subject matter experts who want to work with their start-ups.


    • Hey Daniel, thanks for writing. Please listen to the next episode of “The Word from Mouth” for an answer!

  1. Podcasts are easy to find, all apps have that capability including the Google podcast app. Also the stats for podcasts are better than radio or print.

    • Hey Lee, thanks for writing. you should listen to the next episode of “The Word from Mouth” for an response!

  2. Did Google stop working? I can’t find a podcast on knitting in Iowa? Rob why didn’t you say anything? There are no stats in podcasting? We deliver better stats that newspapers.

    • Hey Dave, thanks for writing. Great to hear from you! Listen to the next episode of “The Word from Mouth” for an answer!

  3. Podcasts are truly emerging to be a winner when it comes to audience engagement and is bound to offer great benefits in the future making it an ideal investment choice for most marketers.

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