Why the future of podcasting must (and will) be different

Omny Studio

Omny StudioA discussion with Sharon Taylor of Omny Studio, a podcast host in the enterprise space, on how the future of podcasting depends on changing the conversation.  Plus, an interview with Joe Shortridge of “222 Paranormal Podcast”, and headlines from top news on podcasting and on-demand from Podnews…

In this episode:

  • Sharon Taylor of Omny Studio podcast host on playing in the enterprise spaceOmny Studio
  • The state of the podcast and audio industry – how today is both the best and worst time to be in audio
  • So many flocking to the space—and the rush of content not of the highest quality, and how there will be a filtering out of content that will rise to the top
  • Audio vs. podcasting as terminology
  • The conversations we’re having about podcast as a medium – logical extrapolation looking ahead and what it means for the future
  • The value of evergreen content or advertising and how it cannot jive with programmatic advertising
  • The implausibility of a enjoying a rapid explosive growth of listenership while preserving high end demographics
  • Why expansion means average numbers will go down
  • Looking long term – so we don’t end up in Catch-22 like the fashion industry
  • The need to not undercut the value of proammatic advertising while promoting evergreen, and get caught in hypocracy
  • New audiences can listen in new ways, and the diversity of nation will show up in listenership
  • Paths to monetization will change
  • Perspectives of change


In this episode:

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