How the many micro Faustian deals we make affect podcasting


The need to pay attention to the many micro Faustian deals we regularly make which impact the nature, dissemination, and monetization of podcasts, an interview with Ashley Berges of  “Live Your True Life Perspectives” podcast, and headlines from top news on podcasting and on-demand from Podnews…

  • Thinking about micro Faustian deals and podcasting
  • Inspiration from the book The Blockchain Revolution
  • How the baseline of chosen Standards has dictated the way content has grown
  • With the largest delivery mechanism being Apple, how podcasters are “stuck” with choices Apple makes, including the way they chose to grow in this area
  • Manual advertising insertion is necessary because not a lot of choice, and a look at the growth of programmatic ad entities
  • Deals to service providers
  • Thee are many ways to monetize shows but you have to go externally from players, which decreases the number of individuals engaging with montizations opportunities
  • Falloff in engagement is lost revenue
  • The flood of attention will impact the way people create and consider podcasts
  • Business-focused podcasts, and relying on actions with low conversion rate
  • Starting to grow tool sets and take away deals we’re making for largest distribution that take away options
  • Building growth mechanisms that allow us to stop giving away ownership of the medium, and the future ways and tools providing control over ways we can create and disseminate content with maxiumum choices over the vision of our content
  • Being aware of the deals we make all the time
  • Editing a certain way, including/not including certain content based on available of technical abilities and delivery systems, and whether internal or external to players
  • Creating content shaped by reaction to external forces vs. from internal intent


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