Acquisitions, consolidation, and subscriptions in the podcast marketplace


Monetization models in podcasting, why a $40M investment was made in a subscription service, why public radio stations banded together to buy an open platform, an interview with Hilda Labrada Gore of the Wise Traditions podcast on how she crossed the 1 Million download milestone, and headlines from top news on podcasting and on-demand from Podnews…

  • Consolidation in the podcast marketplace
  • How Pocket Casts and Luminary Media are heading in opposite directions
  • Luminary Media’s walled garden subscription approach
  • Can a paywall protected podcast player succeed?
  • How paywalls might be working in kids and comedy podcasts, going for rich and deep experience play
  • Why advertising may not be the future of monetization for podcasts
  • Advertisers counted on evergreen presence, but with programmatic advertising that ends up being taken away
  • Mixcloud receives $11.5M, and what that means
  • Accuracy in subscription-based platforms, splitting revenue stream up proportionally, how these are complex issues
  • Major players skewing revenue results for smaller artists improperly diluted
  • A lot of new money in the space, people seeing money on the wall, people throwing money at things that seem familiar
  • Gimlet becoming more of a media company
  • “Alex Inc.” TV show cancelled, how it is a commentary on actors vs. concept, seeing meta conversations about podcasting so not necessary play with wider audience, why the space may not be mature enough to have self reverential content
  • Can anyone make a subscription model work for a $40M investment?
  • How the cost of acquisition will climb


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