A call for connection amongst podcasters

podcasting connection

Why mindshare and community amongst podcasters is important, an interview with “Jemmy” Legagneur of the “Finding Florida” podcast and making a show more about the listeners and as a jumping off point for a network, and headlines from top news on podcasting and on-demand from Podnews…

  • Reflecting on Audioboom in possible danger, mergers, acquisitions, and other recent news
  • The idea of community in podcasting
  • Favorite moments in podcasting
  • Value in in-person side of recordings and of industry
  • A moment of personal connection and testing boundaries at a recent event
  • Being able to share ideas and thoughts for growth
  • The importance of the off-mic conversations, and what you’ll say off-mic that may have different truth
  •  Coming together as community
  • Great podcast conferences, podcasts about podcasting, and even Meetup groups already
  • A need for unstructured conversations in the podcasting industry
  • More bets are being placed on the future pot podcasting
  • A need for ‘standing’ informal gatherings like breakfasts or coffees
  • Seeing what will come in coming months
  • A moment for people to change the way they consume and touch the world around them
  • Play must also be a part of what we do
  •  The need to try new formats that support the experiment
  • Keep in mind the human side of what we do, we chose to connect because we want that other person there
  •  We want to share the world with others


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