Broadening the idea of what podcasts can be in our world

Does the word “podcast” limit us?

  • The case made for why live performances have a place in podcasting
  • A change in format, live events
  • Example with the podcast American Enough with Vikrum Aiyer at SXSW, having same feel as in the studio despite being in front of a live audience
  • How podcasts can maintain intimacy with the integration into the live event part of the nature of the medium
  • Another touchpoint of blending into the live experience, having the hosts normally in your head and ears and a chance to see them in person and come to life, and that we will see more live recordings
  • How events can make podcasts easier to monetize
  • The tension between the role of podcasting and radio
  • Scott Hopeck from iHeart – unplug vs plug in
  • Radio is cut up to be quickly consumed – plug in and move forward
  • Podcasts are turning out more daily shows, tips, analysis etc/ in a move toward “plug-in”
  • Is there a use-case built that allows the rest of people to engage in a learning mechanism, there aren’t enough tools built for that
  • Will see a shift in the content created as the tools change for the listener
  • Are we seeing a change in demographics of the podcast listener based on how the ease of adopting a podcast came about
  • Idea of personal connection vs. alienation, how a podcast is the personal connection but when visuals are added it becomes alienating
  • Sound design can help build personal connections
  • Important to think of cognitive processes and the science behind them, such as giving context to a sound, play with perception of the world built around an individual, play with experience, immersion
  • Is the term podcast archaic? — long form vs. short form audio?
  • Long form audio as a secondary medium and not a podcast to be played on an iPod
  • Room for live performance in podcasts, inside of cars, in home devices
  • Shift of what audio can be in the world
  • Voice search, voice integrated
  • Broadening our idea of what exists in the ecosystem of the podcast, seeing it larger
  • What is this word for the world we are creating?
  • How expanding our minds is vital


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